Resetting Furthest Page Read Procedure

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  1. Go to the device where you have the book at the location where you want it to be set (either at the beginning of the book or at a given page)
  2. Go to your “Manage Your Kindle” page on http://www.Amazon.com

    My Account > Digital Content > Manage Your Kindle

  3. Go all the way to the bottom of the page

    See “Manage Synchronization between devices”

    Click that link

  4. You’ll see on the right of the page “Turn Synchronization Off” button

    Click it to turn Synchronization OFF

  5. Go back to your Kindle device or app, press >Sync to furthest page read

    then close the book and REMOVE THE BOOK from your device

  6. Retrieve the book from your Archived books
  7. Open it up and it should be where you closed it
  8. Go back to your Manage your Kindle page on http://Amazon.com and turn Synchronization back on
  9. Synch to furthest page read

Now all instances of the book are where you want it to be.

Sounds like a long procedure but it goes fast once I understood the logic

Procedure confirmed for the Kindle on PC app