Breaking Development Dallas 2012 Wrap Up

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Moving Swiftly: The story of how BBC News fell in love with Responsive Web Design presented by Tom Maslen

I decided to do a simple wrap up post of the Breaking Development Dallas 2012 this time instead of trying to rush to get great notes of each talk done like I have in the past. If you want great notes about each topic I can suggest two great places to find them. First, as always, Luke Wroblewski writes the most comprehensive notes that I have seen, but at this conference I got a special treat from Krystal Higgins who took it upon herself to live sketch her notes of each of the talks and then publish them on her blog so that we may all enjoy them.

Slides from all of the conferences will be available on Lanyrd once the team has a chance to gather them up and get them posted. Talk videos will likely eventually end up on both the Breaking Development YouTube Channel or on Vimeo.

The Dallas conference was interesting in that several themes were beginning to form, like a concentration on content (see Uncle Sam Wants You (To Optimize Your Content for Mobile)), workflow (see A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow), and future directions (see The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Managing Content and Experience in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing, Beyond Mobile, Beyond Web, and First Person User Interfaces).

This isn’t to say that we didn’t have plenty of discussion about responsive web design (see Responsive Design Vs Separate Mobile Sites: Presidential Smackdown Edition and The Most Common Denominator: Supporting More, Sucking Less), server side detection (see Making the most of device diversity), and fantastic case studies (see Magic Ponies, Microsoft & the Mobile Web: What We Learned on the Journey, and Moving Swiftly: The story of how BBC News fell in love with Responsive Web Design).

One of the most intriguing talks was presented to us by Belen Barros Pena where she smashed the prevailing wisdom with her talk Fragmentation in mobile design: Fact or fiction.

As wonderful as this conference is the real magic happens with all the great conversation that takes place outside the presentations themselves. I am sure this is in no small part due to the fantastic “biodome” venue.

Finally here are some of the photo’s I took from the event.