Creating Responsive Experiences by Tim Kadlec

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Notes at Breaking Development :focus on responsive
Minneapolis, MN

Talk Slides

They kind of miss the point about Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Repurposing vs. Optimized Design by Jakob Nielson
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Why Responsive Web Design is Not the Holy Grail for Mobile

There is more to it than just the layout.

It’s a lot easier to emulate than innovate and that is where we are with the web.

It’s time to shed some ideas and move forward.

There is no common resolution.

They have different networks.

The device doesn’t dictate the hardware.

All of these devices have different standards support.

There is different types of input. Mouse, touch screen, trackball, etc.

All of these devices access the web via different connections.

They all have different contexts.

there is no mobile context

The device doesn’t dictate the context.

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Start focusing on responsive experiences


  1. Smarter defaults
  2. Contextual experiences
    • context is the key to moving from a web that responds to devices, to a web that responds to people
    • however, don’t assume context
    • We need to get all the tools we can get.
      • Don’t use server side to exclude, but include
      • use both server and client side detection – both are not fool proof

The Future

Let us not just stop with layout!