The Power of Mobile Web for Tourism

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The Mobile Landscape

  • Huge number of mobile devices & 85% include a web browser
  • Mobile device is the only Internet access point for large numbers of people
    • 25% in US
    • 59% India
  • Devices aren’t limited to just small screen but come in all shapes and sizes
  • By 2015 Web access by people on the move is likely to exceed web access from desktop computers

Mobile Behavior

  • Using the Internet is no longer an activity with a specific context
  • Dramatic impact on behavior and expectations
  • Mobile is being combined with longer, completely ‘non-mobile’ contexts
  • Mobile is used to time-shift
    • 59% visit a site on mobile and follow-up on a PC
    • 34% visit a site on a PC and follow-up with mobile
    • Mobile shopping use stats Slide 34
  • The Power of Mobile is that it Acts as a Bridge between Physical and Digital Experiences

The Mobile Traveller

  • Lots of interesting stats for the travel industry
  • A trip isn’t a single event. It’s a journey and your digital experiences should embrace all stages of that journey

Tips and Ideas

Things to do While Developing a Mobile Strategy

  • Check your analytics
    • Which devices access your site most often
    • What pages or sections are most popular
  • Test most critical and commonly accessed content using devices discovered in step 1
  • Test all partner services
  • Be pragmatic
    • Take advantage of services already well optimized: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare etc.
    • ‘Well Optimized’ – lightweight, mobile friendly layout, site-to-site URL integrity, support for most modern smartphones
  • Lighten up!
    • Reduce page weight
  • Enhance where you can
  • Check your URL’s
    • ensure users who email, tweet or link to content can access that URL from any device
    • implement friendly error page for equivalent content that doesn’t exist
    • Don’t trap content in a native app
  • Think of the user journey
  • Start simple and experiment


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