Are We Bridging the Gaps

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Beyond Progressive Enhancement

This slide from the brilliant minds of Bryan Rieger and Stephanie Rieger got me thinking about the lack of bridges and all those gaps.

I wrote on my blog about needing to have conversations about building these bridges and navigating these gaps.

But lately, instead of having conversations and coming up with solutions, I have noticed an uptick in just abandoning web for native. A couple of years ago, we had a few notable cases of abandoning native for web.

The problem is that neither solution is good at everything. We should start designing for a much more tightly integrated holistic approach.

This is harder on some platforms (I’m looking at you Apple) than on others, but consumers don’t care.

I had a great conversation with Mike Elgan back in August that was really eye opening to me. Mike is what one would call a digital nomad. He lives on his mobile devices all over the world. During our conversation he never once brought up how any of the software he used was native or web, he only discussed how it made his life easier or allowed him to get things done.

That is what people care about.

So I wonder, when was the last time you discussed how your product experience is going to bridge the gaps between web and native, between handheld device and TV, occurred?