Paperless Utopian Dreams

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Paper is the primary component of Kipple and as we all know, Kipple is inevitable.

People, semi-consciously, love paper. They collect it, sort it, stack it, run their fingers through it, and, in extreme cases, they hoard it. I would go so far as to postulate that there is some correlation between the senselessness of a job and the amount of paper that is required to perform it. The more paper you collect and manage, the more likely it is that you are in a job that is senseless and destined to be replaced by a cost effective robotic functionary.

This semi-conscious paper affliction conspires against anyone attempting to attain a paperless lifestyle. An article on Gigaom (A Digital Life: Trying to go paper-free? I almost pulled it off) is a great example that, despite your best effort, the world is conspiring against a paperless lifestyle.

Perhaps a paperless lifestyle is akin to a Buddhist’s quest for enlightenment, noble but likely unattainable. But just like the quest for enlightenment it’s the journey, not the destination, that we should focus on.

I will admit right now, I love dead tree books. But, despite wrestling with this demon, it doesn’t stop me from attempting to live a paperless lifestyle.

I have read David Sparks’ comprehensive book on becoming a paperless ninja. I even implement a good deal of it, but despite my effort, the world of paper hoarding, senseless job holders conspire against me. This leaves me with a continuously full basket of paper to deal with, but I accept the challenge and learn new techniques to deal with paper everyday.

I implement many of the Jamie Rubin, the Evernote Paperless Lifestyle Ambassador’s, blog tips on leveraging Evernote in a quest for a paperless Nirvana. Remember, it’s a quality of life issue.

What I have found is that the paperless journey enriches my life, despite having little hope of attaining a pure paperless utopia. We all might be better off if we refuse to use a fax machine, when email is cheaper and easier. What if we all checked the box to receive paperless statements for our billing?

Imagine how your life would be free from the bondage of paper and join the journey.