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I really enjoy the HumanVSMachine posts. It shows great examples of just how much can be automated already. That being said, I have noticed a few items that are really great, but are solutions to the wrong problems. For instance a robot valet. The problem is that the elimination of individual transportation is a problem that is worth applying resources to solving. Individual transportation, at least in regards to the personal automobile, is really an unnecessary drain on resources.

I really love what Tesla has done with the automobile. If it were the 1980’s, it would be a great solution to an 1980’s problem. But in 2020, it seems like a dated solution. Instead, we should be working on systems like the Maglev train, automated busing, and last mile (micromobility) transportation like Lime and others.

Japanese Maglev Train

Innovation in transportation is important but the effort and innovation should be put into solving the problems of the future instead of solving the problems of the past.

Driverless Smart Bus